Arthritis pain can affect all aspects of your life.

It can keep you from doing the things you love to do – playing with grandkids, spending time on the golf course, and even gardening.

You wake up thinking “wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and for just one morning – wake up without pain”.

Each time, you try to ignore the pain and push through…however every time you stand or walk for a long period of time…you pay the price over the next few days or weeks with even more pain.

Pain Pills, Although They May Help With Pain, They Are Not The Answer

Do you remember Vioxx and the scandal that was associated with that medication?

It was developed to relieve pain caused by arthritis…but like all drugs, it had side effects.

Unfortunately not before years of use across the globe, the makers took it off the market because of the overwhelming evidence it caused strokes and heart attacks.

There’s a time and a place to use pain medications, however considering the known potential side effects, you should be seeking a natural way to address the problem and one that focuses on the CAUSE!  Ask yourself a simple question… after taking all these pain medications…maybe for years…are you getting any healthier?