Registered Massage Therapist

Michael’s journey to massage has been circuitous. He graduated from the Schulich School of Business at York University with an Honours degree in 2006 and went on to a successful 12-year career on Bay Street in Toronto in the Financial Services sector. After struggling with chronic pain and fatigue, Michael developed a passion for health and wellness. After improving his own quality of life through lifestyle change, Michael left his job in 2018 in the interest of helping others do the same. Michael took a 10-month parental leave to care for his first son, Jacob, before going back to school. He graduated at the top of his class en route to an Honours diploma in Massage Therapy from the Ontario College of Health & Technology in 2019. He is currently registered, in good standing, with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Michael believes that massage can be an integral component of any rehabilitation plan as well as help minimize pain and increase body awareness for sustained well- being. His approach to treatment is multimodal and comprehensive, utilizing a combination of several therapeutic techniques and remedial exercises individually tailored for optimal patient outcomes. Michael’s versatile skill set allows him to effectively treat patients both clothed and with sheets. Myofascial Release, PNF Stretching, GTO release, Muscle Approximation, Positional Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Joint Mobilization are a few of the many techniques that he utilizes on a regular basis. As a life-long learner, continuing education is a crucial ongoing commitment for Michael in his desire to be of greatest service to the broadest spectrum of patients. To date, he has completed a workshop in Myofascial Cupping and Soft Tissue Release, with aspirations of further training in Medical Acupuncture, Fascial Stretch Therapy and Active Release Techniques, among other modalities.

Michael is a family man and currently resides in Burlington with his wife and two sons, Jacob (2) and Mason (6 months). He enjoys his daily meditation practice, yoga and hockey. He is a steadfast supporter of the the Maple Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays
and is always happy to talk sports. Michael is also an accomplished runner, having completed eight marathons. He is a voracious consumer of audio books and podcasts of varying topics revolving around health and wellness. Michael is also passionate about,
and inspired by, volunteerism. He has engaged in wide-ranging efforts from Meals on Wheels and managing individual and corporate fundraising campaigns to helping out at the local shelter and regularly donating blood.