Wellness = Balance

Our mission at Maximized Health is to help families change the way that they view and manage their health.  Most people have no clue what health or wellness is.  Its like they’re health journey is being lead blind-folded in a dark alley so its easy to walk down the wrong path.  So first, you’ll need to know what health actually is if you’re ever going to get it.

Health is when your body is healing and functioning at 100%.  Your body and physiology needs no help to heal and function, however it does require no interference.  Interference can come from the following so you must ensure you address all five of these areas:

  1. The way you think
  2. What you’re eating
  3. The levels of oxygen and lean muscle
  4. The levels of toxcity
  5. The amount of nerve interference

Your body and physiology has been designed to maintain a balance.  Small changes in the above 5 main pillars of health your body can handle but our lifestyles are forcing chronic shifts in all five pillars so the poor body just can not cope.  The longer you stress the body in any of these five areas, the more likely your body will start to break down.  ITS THAT SIMPLE!